•          Exercise is a good pastime. When we are bored, we can use the motion to myself and make happy eliminate stress. And, with movement of the interest, also can avoid all other improper entertainment. Exercise can make the body stronger with each passing day, spirit, cultivate good fitness, also can improve the body’s resistance, make our health has the vigor. Someone said: “healthy beggar, rather than sick king”. So I’m going to exercise everyday, persistence not by fits and starts.
      A good variety of campaign: play, running, climbing, hiking… , I like riding a bicycle – can improve bone, muscle development; Swimming – can help the blood circulation, enhance the cardiopulmonary function. Running, can promote metabolism, stretch and exercise of body and mind, to build up your health. I like race competition, win the thrill of covered in sweat and exhausted after motion sensation of feeling good. Movement, however, gave me the revelation is not to win or lose, but to exercise the body, and cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation.
      I love sports. Proper exercise movement, can have a healthy body. Movement choice, best can in line with their own interests and age should not be too fierce, and so as not to cause the accident and injury, cannot not cautious. Hope that everybody movement, everyone is healthy.

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